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Shopping Secrets

Does anyone have withdrawal from not shopping? I do… And it gets pretty bad… Saving up for a wedding is not an easy feat and it’s difficult when you work since you’re constantly tired and there is nothing to show for it. The great thing about shopping is the short-term adrenaline rush it provides–and it’s just what you need sometimes after a long day at work.

Well, Shopbop had a few summer items on sale on Monday night. And everyone knows Monday is the worst day (or is it Sunday?) since you come back from work knowing there is still 4 more days to the week. Anyway I received an email from them and on impulse just checked out the items they had on sale. And what do you know, the True Religion pair of jeans that I’ve been eyeing since Jan was on sale! So I had to get a pair!

True Religion Julie Stretch Stovepipe Jeans

Shopbop is simply amazing because their shipping only takes 3 working days! So yesterday, I got it! I’ve ordered from them a countless number of times. Isn’t online shopping great? I love receiving parcels. Last year I was obsessed and would receive parcels every week (not all from Shopbop of course). But they have great items for a great price! Well technically their price is the price you would get in the US but that would mean that it’s cheaper than buying the items from the stores in Singapore. What I do is that I go to the shops and try the items on to find out my size for the brands I like. For some brands (like denim), I just estimate since it’s more often than not accurate. And the shipping is free so you save quite a bit of money. But note that your items have to be less than S$400 or you’ll be charged a 7% GST when the item arrives in Singapore. The website immediately charges you for it so you’re covered and the parcel will arrive at your doorstep. I hate it when the post office holds your parcel hostage until you pay the GST! Most brands I’ve bought over the past 2 years were: 7 for all mankind, Tory Burch, Juicy Couture, Rebecca Minkoff, and Marc by Marc Jacobs. The prices are a lot cheaper so I went crazy when I first discovered it! Anyway, I can’t wait to wear the jeans! I tried the pair on yesterday and they fit just fine, so I’m a happy camper!

Another item I purchased was the Fifty Shades of Grey series off Book Depository.

Fifty Shades Trilogy

Book Depository is another amazing online store! I get most of my books (at least in the past year) from them. The website offers free shipping (even if you only purchase 1 item) so it’s a fantastic deal. I used to love shopping for books; I could spend hours in Borders but after it closed down, I lost the zeal to visit bookstores. I’m not a fan of Kinokuniya as it feels so…unfriendly. No doubt, it has a great selection but it feels so business-y — something I don’t like my bookstore to be. Borders had a decent selection but it also had a lovely ambience. I’m probably biased though since I’ve been visiting Borders since I was a child, and it’s familiarity provides a sense of comfort and ease. Anyway, the books finally arrived yesterday (yup, 2 packages in 1 day!). The only sucky thing about BD (that’s short for Book Depository) is the length of shipping period–2 weeks. So you’ll have to wait for your books. That is why I purchase books directly from MPH if I’m in a hurry to read it (i.e. a Sophie Kinsella or Jodi Picoult book). Otherwise, I’ll order it online and just wait for the book to arrive. I had bought the Hunger Games trilogy the week before I bought 50 Shades so it had arrived last week (and I’ve already finished it, so no point talking about that). I did want to write an entry because I felt so furious with the ending of Hunger Games but I was too tired (I was fasting last week so what little energy I had, I did my work). I’m super excited to read 50 Shades but since I started on “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, I’ll have to finish that before starting on something new.

The last haul I made was at Tangs Vivo City yesterday. They were having a 12% rebate so I left work early and headed there to see:

Heavenly Creatures

I had called the Mac counter earlier during the week to check that I was able to use the 12% rebate on the Mac products, and was super excited when they said it was fine. If you can’t tell from my earlier post, I love makeup! I’ve been good about it though and have not purchased anything since last year (except for 3 items from an earlier Mac collection). So I went a little nuts when I visited the Mac counter yesterday. Collections tend to sell out so quickly and I was so worried something I wanted would be gone. I half ran to the counter and was slightly panting when I reached. I’m so sure people thought I was a little off. But I bought most of what I wanted so that’s all and good.

Heavenly Creatures Haul

Had a fun time picking out my Mac items from the counter! Thinking of heading back to get one more and I’ll be done with this collection (and for a few more months, hopefully!). I’ve had a busy week shopping so I’m putting myself on a ban for a month.

5 Jul 2012

P.S. I love shopping!

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Fiance, Fiancee & Finances

I’ve started several blogs over the years, but this blog is something I will hold close to my heart — a wedding blog.

On 01.01.12, my boyfriend of 4 years proposed.

It was completely surreal and till now, I get light-headed just thinking about it. We had a simple engagement ceremony on Jan 28, 2012 to make it official between our families.

So now, I’m up to my ears with wedding plans. And thus, I figured I’d start writing on all the decisions I (and my fiance) have made and will be making during this process. I should make a note that the fiance has left most decisions and planning to me. However, he is still very much involved in the decision-making process (I think he secretly fears I’ll get carried away and blow the budget).

Our wedding date has yet to be confirmed but we’re hoping for April 2013! So that’s a little more than a year from now.

The first thing we did after the engagement was to draw up a wedding budget. With the budget, we could settle on a wedding date (or at least a time frame). Past brides/grooms will know how daunting it is to budget for a wedding. You spend a lot of time with the calculator and making lists (in my case, an Excel sheet that I had drawn up). Unfortunately, this process cannot be skipped. I started the budget by making a list of the different components of a wedding (Note: My wedding will follow that of Malay traditions and customs):

(1) Duit hantaran

(2) Wedding bands: $4000

(3) Bridal/Makeup: $3000

(4) Photography: $2000

(5) Videography: $2000

(6) Decor: $4000

(7) Caterer

(8) DJ/Entertainment: $500

(9) Studio/outdoor photography: $2000

(10) Marriage course: $300

(11) Henna: $300

(12) Hantaran gifts: NIL (We decided not to have hantaran gifts to save money)

(13) Invitation cards: $500 (about $1 per card)

For items (4)-(7), I emailed a few vendors asking for quotations, and rounded up the figures. Thereafter, I realized that I could not really budget for a caterer since we were not certain of the wedding venue. For the time being, I estimated $10,000 for the caterer (but this will change when the time passes).

Now, there were a lot of arguments as the budget came up to about $19,000. I think we both hyperventilated after coming to that amount–and the budget did not take into account miscellaneous things that would eventually arise. So, Item (14) Miscellaneous: $2000 was added to the list.

And that became our first wedding budget–from single & fabulous to engaged & broke (& happy, of course).

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