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Hello again!

I can’t believe its already Sept 2014! With such a busy year, blogging was the last thing on my mind. 

But now that I’m taking some time off from work, I guess I can’t procrastinate any longer. I’ve decided to stick to my original blog platform. A little tempted to change the web address to that of a “housewife” but I’m a little too lazy for that and it just seems troublesome.

To be perfectly honest, another reason I decided to restart this blog was to chronicle my home renovation plans. Although technically, the posts will have to be backdated since renovations have already started. No harm though, right? And who knows if it helps someone with the entire renovation process.

So let’s start!



Shopping Secrets

Does anyone have withdrawal from not shopping? I do… And it gets pretty bad… Saving up for a wedding is not an easy feat and it’s difficult when you work since you’re constantly tired and there is nothing to show for it. The great thing about shopping is the short-term adrenaline rush it provides–and it’s just what you need sometimes after a long day at work.

Well, Shopbop had a few summer items on sale on Monday night. And everyone knows Monday is the worst day (or is it Sunday?) since you come back from work knowing there is still 4 more days to the week. Anyway I received an email from them and on impulse just checked out the items they had on sale. And what do you know, the True Religion pair of jeans that I’ve been eyeing since Jan was on sale! So I had to get a pair!

True Religion Julie Stretch Stovepipe Jeans

Shopbop is simply amazing because their shipping only takes 3 working days! So yesterday, I got it! I’ve ordered from them a countless number of times. Isn’t online shopping great? I love receiving parcels. Last year I was obsessed and would receive parcels every week (not all from Shopbop of course). But they have great items for a great price! Well technically their price is the price you would get in the US but that would mean that it’s cheaper than buying the items from the stores in Singapore. What I do is that I go to the shops and try the items on to find out my size for the brands I like. For some brands (like denim), I just estimate since it’s more often than not accurate. And the shipping is free so you save quite a bit of money. But note that your items have to be less than S$400 or you’ll be charged a 7% GST when the item arrives in Singapore. The website immediately charges you for it so you’re covered and the parcel will arrive at your doorstep. I hate it when the post office holds your parcel hostage until you pay the GST! Most brands I’ve bought over the past 2 years were: 7 for all mankind, Tory Burch, Juicy Couture, Rebecca Minkoff, and Marc by Marc Jacobs. The prices are a lot cheaper so I went crazy when I first discovered it! Anyway, I can’t wait to wear the jeans! I tried the pair on yesterday and they fit just fine, so I’m a happy camper!

Another item I purchased was the Fifty Shades of Grey series off Book Depository.

Fifty Shades Trilogy

Book Depository is another amazing online store! I get most of my books (at least in the past year) from them. The website offers free shipping (even if you only purchase 1 item) so it’s a fantastic deal. I used to love shopping for books; I could spend hours in Borders but after it closed down, I lost the zeal to visit bookstores. I’m not a fan of Kinokuniya as it feels so…unfriendly. No doubt, it has a great selection but it feels so business-y — something I don’t like my bookstore to be. Borders had a decent selection but it also had a lovely ambience. I’m probably biased though since I’ve been visiting Borders since I was a child, and it’s familiarity provides a sense of comfort and ease. Anyway, the books finally arrived yesterday (yup, 2 packages in 1 day!). The only sucky thing about BD (that’s short for Book Depository) is the length of shipping period–2 weeks. So you’ll have to wait for your books. That is why I purchase books directly from MPH if I’m in a hurry to read it (i.e. a Sophie Kinsella or Jodi Picoult book). Otherwise, I’ll order it online and just wait for the book to arrive. I had bought the Hunger Games trilogy the week before I bought 50 Shades so it had arrived last week (and I’ve already finished it, so no point talking about that). I did want to write an entry because I felt so furious with the ending of Hunger Games but I was too tired (I was fasting last week so what little energy I had, I did my work). I’m super excited to read 50 Shades but since I started on “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, I’ll have to finish that before starting on something new.

The last haul I made was at Tangs Vivo City yesterday. They were having a 12% rebate so I left work early and headed there to see:

Heavenly Creatures

I had called the Mac counter earlier during the week to check that I was able to use the 12% rebate on the Mac products, and was super excited when they said it was fine. If you can’t tell from my earlier post, I love makeup! I’ve been good about it though and have not purchased anything since last year (except for 3 items from an earlier Mac collection). So I went a little nuts when I visited the Mac counter yesterday. Collections tend to sell out so quickly and I was so worried something I wanted would be gone. I half ran to the counter and was slightly panting when I reached. I’m so sure people thought I was a little off. But I bought most of what I wanted so that’s all and good.

Heavenly Creatures Haul

Had a fun time picking out my Mac items from the counter! Thinking of heading back to get one more and I’ll be done with this collection (and for a few more months, hopefully!). I’ve had a busy week shopping so I’m putting myself on a ban for a month.

5 Jul 2012

P.S. I love shopping!

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Organization Obsession: Cosmetics

Two weeks ago, I reorganized my makeup stash. I needed to come up with a system that does not take up a lot of space so that TF will have space for his own items when he eventually moves in. Also, I did not want to buy a new dresser since I’m still not sure how my future home is going to look like.

Our future home is a 4-room flat and I’m trying to convince TF to convert one of the rooms into a closet but I’m not getting very far in that discussion. He needs an office since he works a lot when he returns home (I swear he works 20 hours a day) so I forsee that being a priority. I did try to suggest an office cum closet but I have no idea how that will work out in reality. I don’t want him working in a cluttered environment, surrounded by all my clothes.

Anyway, since I did not want to buy any major furniture, I had to settle with small organizational items. My previous makeup system was basically having most of my makeup stored in a drawer in my dresser (now I know I have a lot of makeup–I went through a phase 1-2 years ago when I shopped only for makeup and nothing else). The dresser was my older sisters and I won’t be taking it with me when I move (since hello, it’s not mine).

Makeup Mess

So this was my old system–pink & clear containers from Daiso and the clear acrylic tray (on the right) from Ikea. I kept most of my blushes in their boxes so I could read the names and pick out the ones I wanted. My palettes were stored in my cupboard so I tend not to use them when getting dressed since they were not easily reached.

I spent a lot of time on youtube trying to figure out the best possible way to reorganize my makeup such that everything will be in one place. And finally, I found these 5-drawer acrylic cases from Muji:

Muji 5-drawer Acrylic Case

These were simply perfect–they cost $39 each. I can use them in my new house eventually to store makeup or jewellery or even stationery.

Initially I bought 2 sets of these drawers and a 1-drawer set but I ended up returning the 1-drawer set and purchased another of the 5-drawer set so I now have 3. They sit perfectly on my dresser.

New dresser tabletop

I placed my makeup brushes, and some Disney items from Disneyworld on top of one set. Atop the center set, has all my perfumes (some are actually empty but I still keep them). And lastly, on the right side are all my lotions, creams etc. In front, I just place a diary and notepad–I’ve not figured out what to do with those yet–which I bought from Kikki K last week during the sale.

These drawers will eventually–in my new house– house my makeup and will sit atop my future dresser. And since they’re clear, I don’t have to worry about how they will look with the rest of the furniture. They were certainly not cheap but according to reviews online, they last a long time–they’re made from strong acrylic.

Blushes & Bronzers

Mac (Eyeshadows & Blushes/MSFs)

Lipsticks & Lipglosses

This new system allows me to see all the colors of my eyeshadows, blushes and lipglosses–it prevents me from leaving some makeup unused and forgotten since I can see everything. The rest of the items are stored in my drawer but they now also store all my palettes, nail polishes, hair accessories and bracelets. I managed to free up 2 drawers in my cupboard as a result.

Palettes, nail polishes, hair accessories and more

When TF moves in, I’ll throw the empty perfume bottles and let him put his everyday body/facial products on top of the acrylic drawers (he doesn’t have many). I still have to reorganize my closet but I like the progress thus far. Even though the wedding (and his moving in) is still more than 9 months away, I prefer to reorganize my room slowly. This way I get to be more meticulous and the smaller details are taken care of. I’m also weeding out items that can be stored in my storeroom to make way for TF’s arrival next year.

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Twilight Toddler

Twilight Toddler

Is anyone else psyched for the new upcoming movie? I think they picked a good actress for Renesmee since she does look a little like both Edward and Bella.

Party Rock

Isn’t this sweet? I was reading CozyCot’s forum and someone mentioned wedding entertainment. I honestly have no idea what entertainment I’m going to have. I thought of a pre-wedding video but it’s just so pricey, I have not been able to convince TF. I chanced upon this video on youtube and thought it’s such an excellent idea.

It requires a lot of time and effort but it will certainly be quite interesting. I’m going to have a chat with my friends to see if they’re up for something of this sort. The thing with these items is that everyone has to be really upbeat and enthusiastic or the execution won’t be great.

This was a Singapore wedding at Fort Canning. The space was quite tight but I felt they did it pretty well nonetheless.

I’m just not sure of the reaction from the older guests. I can imagine them being shocked in their seats and my parents getting an earful from them later. I’ll have to ask my mum if she would be fine with a performance of this sort. But it’s just so exciting! Can you imagine people in traditional baju kurong party rocking? I certainly would like to see it (tastefully done of course).

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Amos Amore

Amos Amore

A delightful way to start the day. TF dropped off a bag of cookies last night at my place since I was not feeling so great.

TF: I’ve a surprise for you. (Hands me a bag of Famous Amos)
Me: Wow, seriously?! Thanks!
TF: (As I’m opening the bag) Which flavour do you like again?
Me: You forgot?! You remembered 4 years ago! (Opens bag to find Double chocolate chip.) I don’t like this!! I can’t believe you forgot!! (Goes off into a rant) It’s so like you to forget all the little things…etc..
TF: (pulls another large bag of Famous Amos cookies from his bag)
Me: (shuts up, stunned and opens the bag to find No nut chocolate chips.)
TF: Honestly, I don’t even like Double chocolate chip but it was so worth it to see your face so annoyed.

Why do guys think it’s hilarious to pull such a stunt when a girl is in pain? Luckily, the cookies are delicious and perfect.

Mini bridesmaids

My cousin will be getting married next month (I still can’t believe it’s already coming!) and when we had a family gathering on Satuday, she was busy finalizing the details. Can I just mention that my own outfit is not ready! Can you believe that?! I tried going to a tailor 2 weeks ago and they refused to accept any new orders until after Hari Raya! All of us girl cousins have bought matching lace materials to be tailored into dresses, traditional outfits, and what-nots. I’m sending it to Indonesia (yes, that’s the length I have to resort to at this late hour) tomorrow and am desperately hoping it will be ready by the end of the month.

Anyway, she was instructing our young nieces on their flower girl duties. I’m supposed to be in charge of them on the wedding day and I’ll admit I’m worried about my small role. I’ve done something similar during my brother’s wedding a few years ago and it was such a headache since you’re dealing with young children who tend to cry or have “accidents”, or simply disappear at the worst possible moment. No doubt, it certainly is precious when they throw flowers on the aisle with the guests cooing “oohs” and “aahs” but by the end of that 20-second march, I had to take 2 Panadols.

I’ll probably have 1 or 2 flower girls on my wedding day during the march in (I did not learn my lesson well, but hey it’s someone else’s turn to be in charge of them during my wedding). There is something absolutely precious about flower girls that I can attest to (having been one myself, hah). I love the traditional sort where they have flowers in their hair and puffy white dresses. So I’ll probably have my flower girls dress as such. My aunt will usually craft a wreath of flowers to be worn on the flower girl’s head so I’ll have to decide the flowers (and colors I’d like to use for my own wedding) before then.

Traditional wreath

Modern take on wreath

Daisies in her hair

At the same time, I’ll have to start sourcing for their dresses as well. Perhaps something like this:

Satin organza dress

I love the white stockings with matching shoes. Shall definitely keep this in mind. It’s not really the most important thing to settle 10 months from the wedding, but it’s always good to have an idea (right?). There were some dresses that made the girls look like mini brides (with tons of makeup and tiaras etc.) and it’s definitely not to my liking. There need only be one bride at a wedding (or at least at my wedding). I prefer my flower girls, cute and giggling and whispering away in the corner.

A few tips if you plan to have flower girls at your wedding:

1) Keep the no. small (4 is a nice no. that is easy to work with). You don’t have to ask your neighbour’s kids or your friend’s niece. I know it’s difficult to invite 1 or 2 cousins since the rest may be disappointed so draw a clear line (only direct nieces or direct cousins). I’m only have my direct niece (my brother’s daughter) is my niece. I did not include my cousin’s daughters as the no. will rise as a result.

2) Have an even no. so that they can pair off. They’re usually less worried with a friend by their side. Some can suffer from stage fright, trust me.

3) Gather them 15 minutes before the bride and groom’s arrival. Let them play in a designated area so you can have your eye on them. Don’t make them stand straight and wait for all the 15 minutes or they will be restless by “showtime”.

4) Get them excited for their part. I always sing songs and let them twirl round and round. They’re usually psyched by the time they have to do their part.

5) And last, you cannot control what they do in the end. Just accept the little mistakes and go with it. It adds laughter and excitement when they do their little things (like stopping in the middle to curtsy or following the bride and groom to the dais and throwing petals non-stop).



Organization Obsession: Homes

I stumbled upon this video on youtube. It’s pretty inspiring to keep a house that organized. By no means do I think that is the most organized home in America (it’s probably just a title to attract viewers), but it does give an idea on how to organize different parts of the home. Granted, my “house” has not even been built (it’s still in the early stages of clearing trees–yes, it’s that early), but it’s never to early to start planning. Right?

I’m positive my own house will be kept organized simply because I cannot stand messes. It stems from growing up in a flat with 3 older brothers, 1 older sister and 1 younger sister. With a big family, our house was in constant chaos and disarray, and our items frequently went missing. Now that all my siblings–save for my younger sister and myself–have moved out, I have my own room. (It took 21 years to achieve that, so everyday I still thank god for it.) And I love keeping my room tidy and finding new ways to organize and store my stuff. Sharing a room with a messy (trust me) younger sister for 21 years has made me a little organized obsessed.

When TF moves in after the wedding, I worry how we are going to adjust to each other’s habits, all cooped up in a tiny room. What doesn’t kill you is supposed to me you stronger, right? Lucky for me, he seems pretty neat (for now); but for all I know, that is simply an act and come marriage, all hell will break loose. It should certainly make for an interesting experience.

For now, I’m simply trying to organize my room in a way that my stuff takes up less space so I can eventually make way for him. But honestly speaking, it has proven difficult since I have accumulated a lot of things over the years. Two weeks ago, I reorganized my books in an attempt to increase the storage space underneath my bed. Thus far, I think it’s working but I still have my closet and drawers to reorganize. I also try to purchase (small) things I’ll be able to use in the new house so money won’t be wasted. It does make things difficult since I can’t clearly envision my future home. The best way I found was to keep trying different methods of organization such that when our house is finally complete, I’ll have perfected the system. Along the way, I just hope we don’t step on each others’ toes (too often).

Weddings at the Plaza

I first read “Shopaholic ties the Knot” some time in secondary school, which was about 10 years ago (wow!). And my first thought? I wanted a wedding at the Plaza! Hey, when you’re young, it’s perfectly acceptable to have such dreams. I’m sure many have heard of the Plaza one way or another. It was also featured in Bride Wars and is where Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas married.

The Plaza Hotel Ballroom (decorated by David Tutera)

Isn’t this photograph simply amazing?! David Tutera is a party planner with a show on cable tv some time ago–I used to be addicted to the show; my sister and I would sit in rapture watching him transform every space to something amazing.

Floral and crystal chandeliers

Bridal table trimmed with orchids and crystals

But the Plaza has something that doesn’t require much effort to make it unbelievable–high ceilings, chandeliers, fountains, etc. There have been thousands of weddings held in the Plaza but I don’t think that makes having one there any less special. I know most of us can’t afford to have one there but since it’s Friday, I’m going to let myself be and browse photographs on the Internet (and no one can stop me).

The Plaza Hotel

In Shopaholic, she had her wedding done in a Sleeping Beauty forest theme with flowers, branches, clouds, rainbows, and even doves–that is one amazing decorator! I wish they would make the book into a movie just so I can see how the wedding looks like. Somehow it’s not enough to imagine it in my head. Done in a true over-the-top Hollywood style, I’m sure it would have been a sight.

And doesn’t every bride wish to be Becky? She gets to have 2 weddings, 2 dresses, 2 cakes, etc. That may certainly make the decisions easier. Mind you, not everyone will have a Luke Brandon (fictitious billionaire who happens to fall in love with a simple girl?) in their lives. But that makes life interesting. If you get everything you want ever so easily, you won’t appreciate the things you have. So yes, while I may love to have a perfect wedding at the Plaza, I’m grateful to have mine in Orchid Country Club with all the budgeting (and more budgeting). That’s what makes this exciting! So, I’ll settle for my prince and my own happy ending.

Sleeping Beauty

P.S. BTBs should definitely check out Sophie Kinsella’s “Shopaholic ties the Knot”.

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Pink Secrets

I’m disappointed with myself. After months of not purchasing any makeup/clothes or anything deemed unnecessary (by TF), I finally broke today and bought a couple of items from Victoria’s Secret. The last time I bought anything from VS was in December ’11 when they were having their end-of-year sale and I just could not help myself. I felt so guilty thereafter since I had just returned from New York a month before with a bagful of VS stuff! Anyway, their semi-annual sale started yesterday (for previous customers) and started today for the general public. I told myself when I received the email yesterday I was not going to purchase anything since it was only undergarments that were being sold yesterday. However, when the sale launched today, I noticed they had included sweats from their Pink collection and I’m just so in love with their Pink collection!

What can I say? I’m an absolute girl! I love lounging in VS sweats at home. Previously, I used to laze around in those loose Indonesian batik pants when I was younger (and had no say in the matter). But after I started working, I began to replace them with sweats. And when I went to New York last Dec, I bought 4 pairs! I went a little overboard since I also bought a few from Gap. I’m completely in love with them!

Anyway,  I could not help myself today and added 2 pairs of sweats to my cart and started to surf around, adding bras. What is it about cutesy bras that girls (or at least me) find hard to resist? After I added them to my cart, I found myself quickly logging in to my account, clicking away (don’t you just hate it when you memorize your credit card information so nothing stops you from keying them in without much thought?), and poof I ended up with a confirmation email. Haha. Oh well, this shall be a reward for being good for 5 months (technically 6 months since it is practically June–which means, it is already half a year since I went shopping! Yes, I definitely deserve this).

Anyway, I won’t share the bras I bought but I did get these two pairs of Pink pants:

Wear Everywhere Pants (in Heart Neon Pink)

The Campus Pant (in Scripty Neon Pink)

I know they look identical but I love bright pink neon pants! They always make you feel upbeat and cheery, especially when you just arrived home after a long day at work. So yup! They were each US$29.50 I believe, with an original price of US$44.50. I know their original price is certainly around that range (Don’t you just hate it when merchants hike up the original price to make it seem as if you’re getting a deal on an item?) so it’s certainly a good deal. Anyway, I think they’d be perfect to wear around the house once I’m married!

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