Idealistic Design: Ideal House

So much excitement the past few days! Hah, what with the new Iphone 6 release. I’m so going to try and get my hands on it. I’m done with Samsung. One year ago, I was lured by the larger screen of the Note and switched from Apple. But now… hehe.

Anyway, the next ID we checked out was Ideal House. I heard about them on the famous Renotalk forum and they had several good reviews. The guy I met with was really cool and even provided me with a quotation before we met. It was such a change from the other IDs who withheld their quotations until we met in person.

For similar items to the previous IDs, the quote came up to under $22K (and it included plumbing works). With that, he was now the frontrunner. During our meeting, we discussed possible ways to use the area near the kitchen as a dining/counter and he provided us with some new ideas (we eventually did not use them as we wanted to cut costs). After our meeting, I continued to enquire about different prices and details to which he replied promptly. Suffice to say, I was impressed. I have about 6-7 versions of quotations with modifications made here and there according to my requirements. And he did not seem fazed or annoyed. Our only concern was their 1 year warranty on carpentry works–a crucial factor to note.

Ideal House

Ideal House

Ideal House

Ideal House

Ideal House

Ideal House

Honestly though, I would recommend him to friends looking for a reasonably priced ID with years of experience.

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