Evolution of Design: Darwin Interior

Most people have heard of Darwin Interior, be it from their advertisements in the newspapers, radio or relatives. My SIL recommended Darwin, saying they were quite affordable after bargaining. Now, I’m really bad (like really bad) at bargaining so I try to stay away from such IDs but I realise that when it comes to renovations, it’s almost compulsory. It’s a thing. And you cannot accept the first quote that is given to you.

Darwin Interior

Darwin Interior

Darwin Interior

Darwin Interior

Darwin Interior

Darwin Interior

Anyway, after emailing them, one of the designers reverted promptly, asking for a meeting. We met with Velarie, a nice young designer eager to listen to our ideas. I was quite comfortable with her and we discussed the items we wanted included.

When we first received the quote on our second visit, it was considerably higher than our budget (slightly under $30,000). On our second visit, a senior designer had joined us to go through the items in greater detail. The budget overwhelmed us slightly so we told them we would consider it. Personally, I was comfortable with Velarie but I found the senior designer a little pushy and forceful in wanting us to sign with them–that was the factor holding me back. I needed to be able to express my ideas without worrying I would be pressured into something I did not want.

They offer a 3-year warranty on their carpentry, i.e. an important factor since we didn’t want our cabinets falling off their hinges etc. However, in terms of design, I would say De Style has better options. If you know what you want and don’t really need a designer to help you plan your house, Darwin is a (slightly) more affordable option.

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One thought on “Evolution of Design: Darwin Interior

  1. FaithFate says:

    1st picture da macam kat kedai!

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