Impossible fusion: Fuse Concept

I was psyched to meet with Fuse Concept next, having seen the eclectic homes they designed on Lookbox Living and Square Rooms. Their designs were less modern compared to the rest and I noticed they incorporated the use of loose furniture instead of the traditional built-ins (i.e. less expensive hopefully).

By Fuse Concept

By Fuse Concept


By Fuse Concept

By Fuse Concept

By Fuse Concept

By Fuse Concept

By Fuse Concept

By Fuse Concept

And so we met with one of their IDs on a weekend. It was a different experience from De Style (and other IDs) as he did not immediately asked what we needed to have in the house (i.e. kitchen cabinets, TV console etc). Instead, they asked for our hobbies and what we liked doing on weekends. From there, they would get a sense of what we wanted in the house and proceeded from there. After an hour of discussion, we left with an agreement to meet in 2 weeks for him to produce a quotation.

A week before our second meeting, another designer from Fuse called to let us know the designer we had spoken to had left the company. And so she wanted to go through his notes from our meeting. That led to a 30-minute discussion of me repeating what we had already discussed. I’ll admit, I was annoyed. It was not comforting to know the designer had an intention of leaving but made no indication of such during our meeting. And that the handover of files were not comprehensive. She requested to postpone the meeting to a later date, seeing as she had just received the file (another annoying point). I grudgingly agreed, still wanting to give them a chance before I wrote them off.

A day before the postponed meeting, she messaged saying she had to go to the hospital and was forced to postpone our meeting. I took that as the last sign. Now, to be fair, she could have been really ill but there were too simply many bad signs for me to ignore. I did ask if she could just email me the quote but she insisted we had to meet with her in person so it was time to move on. Wishing her a safe recovery, we bade Fuse farewell.

The experience left a bad taste. I’m not not recommending Fuse but it really depends on the designer you take with. With our small budget, we are handed with the more junior designers so naturally these things do happen. On to the next!

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