Styling it up: De Style

Meeting with an ID for the first time can be quite daunting. I guess I was nervous because I did not want to hear how much everything was going to cost. Hah, but you can’t run from it.

We met with De’Style Interior some time in April/May. The factor that drew me to them was the ambience in the homes they designed. My brother’s home particularly felt cosy and organised despite its small size (a factor affecting so many of us).

(Image by De Style)

(Image by De Style)

(Image by De Style)

(Image by De Style)

(Image by De Style)

(Image by De Style)

(Image by De Style)

(Image by De Style)

Having emailed them with a list of items that we wanted done for the house, one of the designers replied to fix an appointment. Enthusiased by their quick response, we eagerly made an appointment with them. (Can I just repeat how much I detest IDs who do not bother replying to emails?) Now, I knew pretty much what I wanted for the house (having been obsessed with Pinterest when preparing the wedding) so I saved photos to show them the look and ambience I wanted for the house.

We met up with a junior and senior designer who prepared a quotation based on our requirements:

1) False ceiling for the house

2) TV console for living room

3) Kitchen cabinet

4) Bedframe for master bed (this was eventually taken out since it was way too expensive). Maybe for the next house. Hah.

5) Wardrobes for 2 rooms

6) Painting whole unit

The quote came up to ~30K but they included other items such as TV feature walls, extra wardrobes, shoe cabinets etc. This was our first time receiving a quote and we were… shocked (over time, we’ve come to realise this was normal). I should mention our budget was 20K. Hah, now that I remember this is our original budget, I feel like laughing at my naive April self. (Let’s just say that the budget is beyond us now.)

After removing this and that, the figure settled at about 24K. With that, we emailed other IDs using the quote (and the dimensions provided) to compare with the different ID companies.

In the end, we did not use them for our house but I’m still impressed with their designs. The only negating factor preventing me from signing them was that I wasn’t completely comfortable with the designer (on hindsight, I should have asked for the same designer my brother used). This is not to say that the designer was mean or anything like that, just that he was not someone I could see myself working closely with. It takes time for me to warm up to a person and I can sometimes be hesitant about saying what I think. As a designer, he was professional and listened to my input but to be honest, he made me feel a little dumb. Hah. I think it’s because he was the first designer we met with and I was not completely certain how to convey my ideas and thoughts.

Still, if ever we move, I’d re-consider taking them. I love the earthy tones and rustic looks of their designs.

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