Renovation Ramblings: an ID or a contractor

The first thing we (dearest husband and I) had to decide on was if should hire a contractor or an interior designer (ID). For us, the main advantage of hiring a contractor being that it is decidedly cheaper. Ultimately though, since this is our first place, we decided to go ahead with an ID. And I’ll tell you that this is the best decision we ever made in this entire process. We were new to the renovating process and we needed guidance. From the process to the various house decisions, we were grateful to have our IDs’ input.

Mind you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that having an ID makes everything perfect. It was difficult to adhere to the budget set out and as such, throughout the entire renovation process, every monetary decision was discussed at great length. If you were to ask me if I would hire a contractor or an ID for the next home (if we ever move that is), I would admit I don’t know for certain. An ID comes with so many benefits but I’m itching to see if I can manage with a contractor. It frees up a chunk of money for the house and I am certainly more educated in the ways of the renovation world. But that’s all in the future.

About 4 months before receiving our keys, I had started researching on IDs. Basically, this entailed pouring over magazines and the popular “Renotalk” forum. My shortlist of IDs were based on photos of houses I’ve seen them completed (on their websites/home magazines) and advice from my family members.

1. De’Style: Recommended by my brother


(Image by De’Style)

2. Darwin Interior: Recommended by my brother

(Image by Darwin Interior)

(Image by Darwin Interior)

3. Fuse Concept: From a magazine

(Image by Fuse Concept)

(Image by Fuse Concept)

 4. Ideal House: From a magazine


(Image by Ideal House)

5. Rezt & Relax: From a magazine

(Image by Rezt & Relax)

(Image by Rezt & Relax)

Other places that I did send an email to enquire include: Image Creative, Elementz Design, Earth Living, The Interior Place, I-Bridge and Thom Signature. However, none of them replied to the emails sent. I’m not sure if my budget was too low for them to accept (or maybe it was just not possible?) but all’s well…

Maybe in my next post, I’ll sum up my thoughts on each company.


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