Hot Henna: Syra Skins

Two weeks ago, I made a deposit for my bridal henna–Saheli Bridal House! I only had two vendors in mind: Syra Skins and Saheli, and to be honest, I can’t tell the difference between the two if you were to put an example of each design next to one another.

Perhaps the former has a more youthful vibe? Haha, clearly I’m no professional. But that’s what I felt anyway. Truthfully, I don’t like getting henna–something about the smell makes me nauseous (don’t I sound like a child?). And so, initially I was not going to have it incorporated in my wedding. Only when I mentioned it to my mum, did she then shout in horror. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. Hah, she merely voiced out her opinion that it would be nice to have henna done. And to make a night out of it by inviting my female cousins, friends and aunts. Since I was not completely adverse to the idea (and neither was TF), I sourced out for vendors. I’ve heard of Saheli before (especially when my siblings got married etc.) and SyraSkins I chanced upon them when doing some Googling. Hmmm, doesn’t that look like “ogling”? But back to the point, I wasn’t too hard up about the henna so I decided to simply decide between these two.

The prices are similar so that was not a deciding factor. I believe Syra Skins has a clear cut pricing system as follows:

Syra Skins: Silver Package

Syra Skins: Gold Package

Syra Skins: Diamond Package

Silver (Wrist)

My favourite design is the simple flower in the center of the palm. It’s from the silver package so it should only cost $120.

Gold (Wrist)

A more intricate henna design such as this will cost $160. You can see the difference as the details are finer and it definitely takes more time to do.

Diamond (Wrist)

Look at this! Amazing isn’t it? Reminds me of Indian weddings with all its intricacies and colors.

For any of these designs, you can choose to add crystals for an additional cost of $40. I notice this is becoming a popular trend among young brides; and by young I mean younger than 30. Haha, that way I can fall into the category. I may want to have crystals done but if I think its too troublesome I may do away with it. I tend to gesture and am quite rough as a person so I know the crystals won’t last the day. Saheli does offer the same service too (but I’ll cover that in a separate post):


But Syra Skins is amazing and popular so you’ll need to book early to ensure they have an opening. And now, a song to reminisce the old days (and to end the post)

Everytime I think of henna, I remember this movie years ago when I was still in primary school… I’ll definitely have to play it on my Mehndi Night… That’s all folks!

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