9 months

Last Saturday marked the 9 month countdown to our wedding day. Although technically our wedding day falls on the 31st, but since June did not have a 31st I’m going to assume it as such–I’m the bride here after all! My to-do list has not changed very much from last month. Does that mean I’m moving slowly?! *Panicked mode*

A few more things I hope to complete (or finalize) in July:

  • Settle on a kompang group
  • Settle on a wedding card vendor (though not necessarily settling on the design yet)
  • Settle on wedding favors (or at least to have something concrete in mind rather than fleeting thoughts)
  • Discuss solemnization outfit: Well, some progress has been made since I’ve made an appointment to meet with my MUA on July 16. How exciting right?
  • Meet with wedding decor company Sentimentals

I figure if I don’t have so many items on my list, I’d have a better chance of completing them. Can’t wait! It’s like waiting to give birth to a baby! But hey, I’m getting ahead of myself. The wedding first, yes…


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