Will you be my Bridesmaid?

When I was researching wedding cards online a few weeks ago, I discovered something new (well, new to me at least)–Will you be my Bridesmaid cards!

Bridesmaid card by Etsy.com

Isn’t that just sweet? I quickly looked up more to find ideas to craft my own cards for my darling bridesmaids! Here are some of my favorites:

Another from Etsy.com

A cutesy card

The linked website also provides some poems you can use inside the card!

I had wanted to do something like the blue card above but I had difficulty finding cloth in Singapore. Isn’t that the oddest thing? Well, technically it is difficult to find cloth in City Hall and Tampines; and I could not be bothered to venture to Arab St. since it was cumbersome. So I had to make do and improvise with the materials I had on hand. I usually wait for TF at Raffles Shopping Centre on Fridays (he works at Raffles Place but hey, that place is a snore compared to City Hall) so I went to my usual hangout place (no, not Starbucks)–Papermarket. Yes, I am a member of Papermarket. It’s so easy to spend tons of money in that store. I went absolutely crazy last year so this year I’m cutting back my purchases there.

But I went in with a purpose–to buy materials to make the card. I bought a couple of embossed white cardstock, decorative paper, as well as silver glitter and gold overlay sheets (I forgot alphabet stickers!). I had an idea of what I wanted so it wasn’t too difficult. I already had items like craft glue at home (yes, I scrapbook) so that was pretty much all I needed to purchase. I think it cost less than $20 overall.

I worked on them for about an hour–mine was a simplified version since I realized I became tired very quickly. I used a 12″ by 12″ cardstock, and cut it in half to make 2 cards. I have 4 bridesmaids so I only bought 2 pieces of cardstock. The silver glitter sheets I used to cut into different forms of bridesmaid dresses (of course these are not models of the actual dresses–they’re not exactly the most conservative of dresses) and glued it to the front. Here are the final cards:

Personalized “Will you be my bridesmaid” cards

I wanted them to match my white winter wedding theme so I used mostly white and silver materials. The front simply has the names of my individual bridesmaids. I forgot to snap a photograph of the inside of the card but it simply says “Will you be my Bridesmaid?” (except for my maid-of-honor which had a card saying “Will you be my Maid-of-Honor?”) spelt in stickers. I used the gold overlay inside to line the cards so that the card did not look so empty on the inside. There was no sweet messages or poems inside as I’m not really that sort of girl (sounds a little weird but it’s the truth).

I did accompany the card with a little something else, but that is for a different post. And no, it wasn’t a piece of jewelry or anything of that sort–hey, I’m trying to save up for a wedding here.

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